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Annual Report:

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. It is the changes that we all go through our lives that constantly improves us, with this thought, I would like to wish you all a very pleasant evening. On behalf of the management, staff and students of the Brain Child Academy (School), Mandla I cordially welcome our Chief Guest, Mr. Anay Dwivedi, IAS, DM Mandla and Mr. Abhishek Tiwari, IPS, Commandant 32nd MP Police Battalion, Mandla. I also welcome the other invited dignitaries and all parents to this occasion that is our School’s Annual Function & the Prize Distribution Ceremony.

In Brain Child Academy (School), Mandla, we believe that every individual has a lot of potential, and that potential can help accomplish wonders. That is why, it is fair to say that we thus believe that the future of the world starts here. The session of 2018-19 was a great year, and I consider it a moment of pride to showcase to you all the achievements and development that the school, staff and students undertook.

The school currently has a strength of 248 students, 22 academic staff, 3 administrative staff and 12 multi-tasking staff. Vision determines directions of effort and prioritizing deployment of resources at our disposal, and our vision is to make our school one of the best schools of our state by providing 360 degree education to our students through best in class academic facilities and churn out citizens who are inspiring leaders with a humane touch.

Annual Report:

Excellence in academics is the hallmark of a good institution and the results of the school prove without an iota of doubt that our students have made us proud. The key highlights of the results are:
1. 100% pass results
2. 64% students have scored 60% and above.
3. 30% students have scored 80% and above.
4. No. of students in A1 & A2 have increased across of all subjects.
5. Toppers along with %s in each Class are as follows:
- Class 1st: Hadik Lalwani - 97%
- Class 2nd: Sooraj Shukla & Saransh Marko - both 99%
- Class 3rd: Purvi Jaswani, Manya Dubey, Eric Seervani & Rhythm Agrawal - all scored 99%
- Class 4th: Akshat Khandelwal - 95%
- Class 5th: Harsha Pamnani - 97%
- Class 6th: Anvi Jain - 90%
- Class 7th: Nikhar Agwawal & Yash Sihani - 95%
The credit of the excellent performance is attributed to a number of new initiatives undertaken by the teachers and the school.

Teachers Empowerment Programs:

“Teachers are also learners.” Staying updated is the key to success in any field, especially, in education. Our teachers constantly strive to stay updated by attending workshops & various training Programs.
Our teachers also attended workshops conducted by NIIT Ltd. and School's regular trainers Ms. Sheffali Verma & Ms. Smita Sharma at School campus to enhance their skills.

Student Achievements:

The performance of our school in the National School Games (Under the ages of School Games Federation of India) was commendable. In team events, our students reached divisional level in Kho-Kho, Chess and various Tack & Field Events.
Competitive exams are one way to give the students an exposure. Our students strive to obtain various achievements at different levels, starting from school and spanning many steps. Our students participated actively in SOF National Science Olympiad & various competitions & quizzes.
Assemblies are an essential part of schools, for they not only promote a sense of collective belonging to the school but they also educate the students in various ways. Our well-equipped School Band consisting of students playing Octapad, Synthesizer, Jass Drums, Congo, Bigul, Bongo and singing team, together conducts assembly on daily basis. During the assembly, students also share "thought of the day", top news headlines, "importance of today" & details of some famous personalities along with a GK & Current Affair Quiz on daily basis.

Co-Curricular Activities:

By providing a conducive and encouraging environment, the students are mentored to participate in a variety of intra and interschool activities/competitions. It enables the student to grow in confidence, knowledge & enhance their all-round development.
Some of the co-curricular activities are outlined as follows:
1. Solo Dance Competition
2. Debate Competition
3. Go Green Competition
4. Skit Competition
5. Clay Molding Competition
6. Best out of the waste Competition
7. Singing Competition
8. Diya & Thali Decoration Competition
9. Drawing Competition
10. Rangoli Competition
11. Eco-Friendly Ganeshji Competition
12. Toran making Competetion,
13. Essay Writing Competition
14. Hand Writing Competition
15. Role-Play Competition,
16. Drawing & Colouring Competition,

Celebration of Events:

Along with these, various events are celebrated with a lot of vigour and fun. Some of them are:
1. Yoga Day
2. Independence Day
3. Teachers’ Day
4. Diwali Celebration
5. Children’s Day
6. Field Trip & Excursion to Nainpur Railway Museum
7. X'mas Celebration
8. Sports Day
9. Republic Day Celebration
10. School's Annual Function

New Initiatives:

With gaining knowledge and conducting contests, many health awareness activities were conducted. Some of the initiatives taken this year includes Measles & Rubella Vaccination, Hand Wash Drive, Fruit Breaks, General Health Check-up & Dental Check-up.
And a lot more concepts were introduced.

Important SMC Decisions & School Improvement Programs:

Constant improvement is the key to success. In this endeavour, we have introduced a few infrastructural and other developments executed in SMC meetings:
1. New Games & Sports Room
2. New Water Purifier
3. CCTV & Cam installation at each & every part of the School
4. Well-equipped Infirmary with double-decker resting/sleeping bed


To conclude, this year, we all took more collective step towards our vision, and while one step was taken, many more are to go. I thank the supportive management whose continuous support to our ideology of education has enabled the school to come this far. Teachers and the entire staff members also deserve applause for their tireless efforts in implementing the route map of imparting quality education here.
I also extend my heartfelt thanks to the parents of our students who have shown unflinching faith in us by giving us the profound opportunity to transform their children into truly useful citizens of the future world.
With that, let us foresee a world of universal singularity where our children are going to be the propellant of this change and the world shall be a beautiful place to live in..!!!
Thank you very much !!!!!
Brain Child Academy (School), Mandla